How to Memorise Lots of Information and Retrieve it Accurately: Handy Tools for Interpreters
In this workshop, we will train interpreter memory to learning and perceiving new things without limits. What techniques help to quickly remember and effortlessly activate large amounts of information? How to immediately grasp the overall meaning of the message relying on keywords, syntactic, grammatical and logical connections?

For whom: for interpreters working with Spanish, English and Russian languages.

Vitaly Volkov
Vitaly Volkov graduated from the Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages. Specializes in Spanish and English.

He served as a professional interpreter at such international events as international Russian Shelf Development: Arctic and Far East conference, Russia-GCC Business Forum, Intergovernmental Commissions Russia-Venezuela, Russia-Colombia, Russia-Cuba and others, XII International Railway Business Forum, Airbit Forum, World Festival of Youth and Students, Moscow Conference on International Security, Congress of Russian Railways etc.

He is also a talented teacher. For example, in 2014, he conducted an intensive training course for interpreters at the Venezuelan Embassy.

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