Advice Land: Asking and Giving Advice in English

A lecture and practical workshop on how to ask for advice and how to give advice in English without turning your interlocutor against you.
Sight Interpretation: the Use and Objectives
What is sight interpretation and when does it work? What are the challenges for interpreters and how can we address them effectively? What is so specific about this type of interpretation in the Russian/English language pair?
Irina Zubanova
Irina V. Zubanova is a Russian-English conference interpreter and trainer of interpreters. Irina Zubanova is a staff teacher of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at the Moscow State Linguistic University, of which she is a graduate. She also teaches at a number of other professional schools in Moscow. Irina Zubanova has written a number of books and articles in her field and is active on the editorial board of Mosty (‘Bridges’), a journal for professional translators and interpreters. A member of the National League of Translators and the Union of Translators and Interpreters of Russia, she often lectures before their youth audiences.
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